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Master Marketing & PR for affordable publishing and marketing!

Master Marketing & PR for affordable publishing and marketing!

Welcome to Master Marketing & PR, the anti-agency, where you can find the same services a large agency offers for a whole lot less out of pocket! You want to save money on marketing, but get effective marketing pieces and good PR? You've come to the right place. As your virtual marketing and PR team, you can find everything you need to build your business the smart way:

  • Focus groups - How can you tell if your product or service is really hitting the spot with your target(s)? Consider hiring us to run a focus group for you. We provide a package that gives you the qualitative and quantitative research information you need to create the best marketing campaigns and grow your bottom line. Read more about our focus group services.
  • Marketing plans - You want a marketing plan that works and that you can implement immediately. Our plans include what you can do RIGHT NOW to attract new business/clients/customers, and what you can do along the way over the next few years. We keep it simple, and get rid of the fluff you experience in a lot of marketing plans. You don't need fluff. You need direction.
  • Collateral pieces - We provide some of the best print media in the industry, from brochures and newsletters, leave-behinds and table toppers, fliers, postcards to pretty much any other piece you can think of! We also offer review services of your current marketing pieces and make recommendations to make them better. Take them to your team to fix, or hire us. Either way, you win.
  • Electronic advertising & website development - You may already have a website or e-campaign, but it isn't working. You need to know why, and you need to get it fixed pronto. We provide flat-fee review services and make recommendations for improving the site or pieces you have. Just like our print piece reviews, we can review you site or e-campaigns and make recommendations that you can take to your own team or hire us to fulfill. We also provide SEO (search engine optimization) packages to help drive more traffic to your site and bump your site up in the rankings.
  • Cost-effective Local SEO - Be sure to ask about our very affordable, common-sense LOCAL SEO Package. If your business isn’t global yet, why waste precious dollars on global SEO? Wouldn’t it make more sense to set yourself up as the local go-to company for your products/services? And wouldn’t it make sense to pay for that SEO only when it results in actual calls to your company? We aren’t talking Pay-Per-Click here. Call to learn more.
  • Radio & TV advertising - We partner with some of the best production facilities in Orange County, so we can provide commercials, infomercials, corporate video for training, training videos for your products/services and in-house morale-building footage. Tell us what you need; we will hook you up with the right folks. And we can write your scripts.
  • Public relations - PR doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg, we promise. We offer flat rates on writing the most effective press releases that you will ever read. We do it a little different from the big guys. First, we actually care to help your business, and second, we write in a less traditional (and boring) fashion. We implement a direct mail, interesting offer angle that works better. Check out some of the samples of our press releases.
  • Experiential Marketing – What’s better than giving your customers a chance to EXPERIENCE your products and services? Say you are a car company that wants to show people how great your vehicles are. How do you give them the ultimate experience? Our very clever experiential marketing team has years of expertise in managing everything for you from planning through implementation. We even build and store the large demo items necessary to create the experience! To get a feel for what we can do for your on-the-road or stationary experiential marketing campaign, go here to see our portfolio. BTW, experiential marketing may not involve huge traveling street demos. It could be a simpler approach using miniature show-me items. For a taste of that approach, wander into your local Home Depot, find the LG washers and play with the mini washer that shows you how the newest and coolest washer works!


...that doesn't cost an arm and a leg? YES!

price $750

Targeted and/or wide distribution included. Follow up with key editorial contacts included. Use your own release* or let us write it for you.

Interested? Drop us a note at Sandra.

*Not all releases accepted for distribution. If you use your own, it will go through an internal review. If it needs an edit to make it fly, we'll do that for you. If it's not appropriate, we won't accept it. No sexually explicit materials will be accepted. No exceptions.

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